This modern, meat-free cafe in Rosedale focuses on farm-to-table fare and caters to vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo and vegan tastes. The bright, cheery space is decked in white and wood, while the bar offers craft beer, organic wines and Citizen Smart Spirits, cocktails made from cold-pressed juices and tea infusions.

Citizen Eatery Will Be Your Go-To Austin Vegetarian Restaurant

The Daily Texan

The highlight of the menu by far is the Parsnip Waffle and BBQ. The waffle consists of spiralized parsnips bound together by an organic egg. The flavor of the waffle is mildly sweet and the egg base gives it a fluffy texture. The waffle is served with wilted seasonal greens and topped off with made-from-scratch barbecue shreds, which are similar to tofu

a taste of koko

Calling all vegans and vegetarians, Citizen Eatery is going to be your go-to spot in Austin. Not vegan or vegetarian but looking for a healthy meal, you’ll love Citizen Eatery like me! Citizen Eatery is a sustainable, plant-based restaurant and bar that serves scratch-made vegetarian and vegan cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Girl Eats World

I’m so happy to have Citizen Eatery so close to me and would visit again and again.