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We Often Get Asked ‘Are Your Ingredients Fresh and Local?’

Oct 22, 2017  |  Food

Our mission here at Citizen is to provide fresh, healthy, local (when possible) vegan / vegetarian / paleo friendly food staples to our local community and to bring a space where friends and family can gather to share moments of joy. For that reason, we’re sharing how we approach our ingredient sourcing here at Citizen.

We aren’t perfect, we still use soy products in our vegan and vegetarian dishes and we have alcohol for guests who prefer a craft cocktail or beer.

But not everyone has the same stance on health, and we believe that if we can help you make healthier choices and make steps in the right direction more often, then we can help make a change in the world.

For that reason, we offer options for folks who want to try meatless dining, with vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and paleo selections and special sides made from potatoes, yuca (fries), and sweet potatoes.

When sourcing our eggs and cheese for our vegetarian and paleo dishes, we make sure to source organic and collected as ethically as possible. Because we know, for some of our veggie lovers, you’re not quite ready to give up your cheese. And that’s ok we’re not asking you to!

What about the protein substitutes?

Sometimes we get the question, “what about your pea protein crumbles and “pulled plant” soy products? Are those local and organic?”

At this point, they are not made in house and aren’t sourced locally but they are organic and better for your health. Please remember though too much soy can be a problem regardless of whether it’s organic or not.

Right now they aren’t local simply because the companies we work with aren’t in Texas. And if and when there’s a local plant based protein company here, who can help us bring those healthier food options to the table, we are all ears.

So, what do we have that is organic and local?

Our zucchini, bell peppers, kale and eggplant are either local and/or organic when available, and all of our fruit and wines are always organic and local when in season.

From the Beginning

We knew we wouldn’t appeal to all guests simply because we focus on is serving whole plant foods, paleo and gluten free options, always fresh ingredients, organic and local when available and in season, and for some that just isn’t appetizing. Crazy right?

Where we are different from some, we have always focused on serving gluten free food and not just “options” for the celiac and gluten free folks, and a variety of dishes for your pallet including Indian flavors, American flavors, special brunch options and select craft cocktails. We always provide a warm and open environment that lends itself to feeding your soul and your body, thus we handpicked the decor and lighting to bring a particular vibration into your soul.

Our Aim

We are making every effort to continually improve: your restaurant experience, the quality of food, and our local community. If you have a suggestion or know someone who can help us in that goal, please reach out and let our team know so we can help bring these improvements to you.

So please come on in with your friends or family to give Citizen Eatery a try and let us know how we are doing.

The more hands helping, the better.

Team Citizen