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Feeding The Animal In You

Jul 11, 2018  |  Drinks, Food

We embrace the unique qualities that separate people, places, and food. With restaurants, differences are good. Differences in ingredients, dishes, ambiance, and a general way of doing things are what makes a unique restaurant so special.

We love the fact that you can have breakfast all day here.

We love offering new and unique takes on items like our Vegan Chorizo Nachos or our Vegan Breakfast dish. We love being able to say that pretty much anything is, or can be made gluten free. And we love all the new and different kinds of people who may or may not be vegan, but gather around the table to share a unique, positive, and comfortable dining experience with us. But hey, that doesn’t mean things can’t get a little boozy with the option of one of our healthy cocktails.

The only animals in our restaurant are the staff and you, the people of Austin. The latter loves enjoying our Citizen Smart Spirits made with real ingredients and house-made infusions, and the former loves making them for you. If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and order The Imposter, a mystery whiskey concoction made with Bulleit Bourbon that we switch up every single day. Or maybe you’re feeling a little bit of fire and ice and would prefer the Diablo Rita made with fresh lime and habanero shrub. We’ll leave it up to you and whoever you decide to bring.

We think you’ll find that Citizen is more hip than hippie. And we’re welcoming and warm as the sunshine that helps grow our food. Come join us and let us bring out the animal in you.