What makes a meal here unlike anywhere else? It’s all good.


Hands down, the best ingredients start with just two:
sun and soil.



  • “Calling all vegans and vegetarians, Citizen Eatery is going to be your go-to spot in Austin.”

    - Jane Ko,

  • “It only took one hungry kid for husband and wife Michael Moyer and Aimee Waldon to realize there weren’t enough quick and healthy options in the Austin area. Seven years later, they’ve taken it upon themselves to bring that option to Austin in the form of Citizen Eatery… Citizen Eatery delivers on its goal to be enjoyable for carnivores.”

    - Michael Roberts, The Daily Texan

  • “Citizen Eatery Will Be Your Go-To Austin Vegetarian Restaurant”


  • “This modern, meat-free cafe in Rosedale focuses on farm-to-table fare and caters to vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo and vegan tastes. The bright, cheery space is decked in white and wood, while the bar offers craft beer, organic wines and Citizen Smart Spirits, cocktails made from cold-pressed juices and tea infusions.”


  • “I’m so happy to have Citizen Eatery so close to me and would visit again and again.”

    - Linda,

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